Help Us Build Our Shelter

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We are fundraising to buy a shelter.


Partnering with the unsheltered on their journey toward home


We are committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness by building relationships that empower individuals to achieve their self-determined outcomes

Off The Streets has a buy/sell agreement to purchase a building in downtown Billings. We need your help to purchase and renovate the building to make a suitable low barrier shelter for those who are homeless in Billings. While other agencies provide shelter and services; many, many people remain on the streets at night. Our low barrier shelter will provide a shower, warm bed, clean clothes and peace for those who do not qualify for entry into other shelters. Off The Streets will operate the shelter during all months of the year.

In time, we will provide supportive housing to those who cannot maintain a home of their own. Rents from this housing will provide year round income to support the operation of the entire shelter. We are planning to be financially self sustaining using this business plan.

Services provided by other agencies will NOT be duplicated by Off The Streets. We will rely on the community to provide existing programs such as:

  • Addiction recovery programs
  • Day shelters
  • Hospitals and public health
  • Mental health agencies
  • Veterans Administration
  • Local school districts
  • Family service agencies